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Fancy a fun, creative time with friends, family or on your own? Then just come in, grab a piece of ceramics, chat and paint.




Walk-in Studio Times

We want to make sure that everyone has enough space and time to paint in a relaxed, pleasant and safe environment.

We don’t want to cause disappointment, so before you come, please call us or drop a note to make sure you will have a place when you arrive.
Please also check for updated opening times on our Facebook or Instagram pages

Walk-in Studio prices

Walk-in Studio prices range between 12.90 Eur/piece and 45.90 Eur/piece. Check our up-to-date stock and prices in store.

What is included in the price?

It is all inclusive of

  • one unpainted piece of ceramics/bisque you choose
  • the usage of all the tools, paint and
  • the glazing & firing your piece in our kiln
  • the time you spend in the shop and
  • assistance if you need any.

Of course if you need it we give you all the guidance and help to find ideas, techniques you would like to try.


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The Happy Pottery “On the go”

The Happy Pottery offers a wide range of creative workshop facilitation on premises outside our studio. Are you working in a créche, sport club or activity center, or in the hospitality sector and looking for a new creative fun activity for various age groups.


On the Go!

Share your ideas with us and we will make sure to provide a fun filled time for whoever you wish to entertain.


Choose your pottery painting “on the go” session

Do you wish to introduce a new creative fun making memories together?
Choose between:

  1. Paint a mug, ornament, small heart shape plate: 13.90 Eur/piece.
  2. Paint a small plate (20 cmO), cereal bowl, small round/heart trinket box, small money bank: 16.90 Eur/piece
  3. Choose your own shapes from available stock 16 Eur/piece.

What is included in the price? “On the go” pottery painting

Choose a package from the following options. It gives you time to plan your design or colour theme in advance.

Package 1. 21,90 Eur per person

The price includes:

  • One piece of ceramic shape/person, usage of all tools and materials (brushes, glazes, painting tools, palette, water bowls etc.).
  • Facilitation of the workshop at the required location, within 20 km radius of Kilkenny City
  • Firing all painted pieces.
  • Delivery of painted pieces back to the place of activity held within 20 km radius of Kilkenny City.


  • Glazing and firing needs a minimum of 4 working days from finished painting to delivery.
  • Additional transportation charge occurs outside of 20 km radius from Kilkenny City.
  • Price applies for a minimum of 12 pieces / session. In case you have fewer people in your group, we will taylor our price and services to your needs.


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School creative sessions

Are you looking for a new creative challenge for your community and students? We are here to help you to develop a new and experimental creative activity for group of students. Pottery painting combines many aspects of creativity: freedom of colours, moves, tools and ideas provides an outstanding piece of art that the members of your community will be proud of.




Due to Government restrictions at the moment we are able to accommodate smaller group of students for painting sessions!!!

Choose your school pottery painting session

Examples of school sessions:

  • Junior infants/First Year students- welcome activity creating memories of starting a new school
  • Seasonal related activities: Christmas presents, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Wellbeing week,
  • 6th Class, Leaving cert Students: Creating memories together
  • Staff team building sessions
  • School tours: Yearly class tours or sessions designed to certain topics in curriculum upon request.


School pottery painting prices

Choose from:

  • Everyone paints a mug: 13 Eur/person in the studio/ 15.50 Eur/person on an outside location within 20 km radius of Kilkenny City.
  • Everyone paints an ornament (8-10 cm tall) : 11 Eur in the studio/14.50 Eur/person on an outside location within 20 km radius of Kilkenny City.
  • Minimum number of person painting is 15.
  • 1 session lasts between 1- 1,5 hours.


If you are located more than 20 km from Kilkenny City please contact us to discuss possible options for organising a Pottery Painting Session.

Due to Covid 19 Government Restrictions school sessions will be organised in later stages! Watch out for updates on our Facebook or Instagram pages


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Corporate Pottery Painting sessions

We have the perfect idea for your next event. Get your team into the creative zone with The Happy Pottery!
Creativity brings out the best in you and your colleagues! Creates bonding and synergy within your organisation.




The workshops would be tailored to your needs: location, timing, what you want to paint from a selection of items. We can fit the colors to your corporate branding if you wish!

Corporate Sessions


  • 22, 90 Eur/person (10-24 people in the group)
  • 20,90 Eur/person (25+ people in the group)
Length of session

Approx: 1,5-2 hours


Included in the price:

It is all inclusive of

  • one unpainted piece of ceramics/bisque you choose from a range we offer (mugs, door signs, tea pot etc.)
  • the usage of all the tools, paint and
  • the glazing&firing your piece in our kiln
  • The facilitation of painting session
  • coffee/tea (black&a selection of herbal), orange/apple juice or water- in the studio only
  • The finished products are high quality, dishwasher safe, usable products.
  • Small groups can be accommodated in the studio: Up to 15 people. And bigger groups I can offer the “on-the-go” package. (Limited to 50 km from Kilkenny City)

Selection of pieces varies according to the available stock.


You didn’t find what you were looking for? Tell us what your plans are and we’ll make sure you will get a personalised offer


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Paint at home

Experience all the fun of The Happy Pottery experience in the comfort of your own home! Choose from our extensive range of Home kits such as :

  • Birthday Party at Home Kit: kids and adult versions are both available
  • Date Night Kits: selection of romantic small or bog take home kits.
  • Paint & Chat with your friend, neighbour, Mum or Dad at home, selection of small or big take home kits
  • Family Home Painting Kits, selection of big take home kits



Each kits comes with a set of brushes (flat/round/piece of ceramics in the kit), Selection of 4 colours suits the selected set the most.

The price is for the usage of the hamper box and for the tools. Including the price of the ceramic pieces. The kits are packed in a reusable hamper box. Please return your ready pieces in the hamper box provided, with empty paint pots.. The price excludes the cost of the tools and hamper box.


How does it work?

  1. Choose your preferred set from our online shop. Place item(s) into your basket.
  2. Pay online.
  3. Arrange a pick-up or delivery time via phone/email/
  4. Enjoy cheerful, or relaxing, mindful creative fun of Pottery Painting with your selected Paint at home kit.
  5. Bring your ready pieces to The Happy Pottery for kiln firing.
  6. We will contact you when your beautiful pieces are ready to take home.


Contact us


Halloween Art Camp

27-29th of October, 10 am-1 pm 3 days camp 100 €

Pottery Painting ,Clay Monster & Costume making

Recommended age 7-12 yrs



Trying new things together is one of the best way to know each other’s personality the best.

  • Looking for a place to celebrate special dates
  • Want to get of the house on a rainy day and make something special
  • Want to do something that makes you feel specially connected to your loved ones?

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Baby & Toddler activities

Looking for some fun and memorable activity with your little ones? Come to our Toddler’s Painting Session and make memories together.




Want to make some special gift or memories for the family. Book your baby and Toddler feet & hand print sessions. Give a personal gift to Granny & Grandad, aunties & aunts or just keep it to yourself.

Prepare a personalised set of gifts for the new husband and wife. Not only the memories will last long, but you will have something that reminds you for the best friends and memories.

Do work in a creche or pre-school?

We are happy to offer you our “On the go” services.
Prices: The Happy Pottery studio painting prices apply. Ranges from 12.90 Eur/piece up to 45.90 Eur/Piece current stock.
Stock and prices may vary over time.

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Birthday Parties

Make unforgettable moments and pieces of self painted ceramics together with your friends and family on your birthday or gift the joy of creation for birthdays.

The Happy Pottery caters for both Children’s & Adults’ birthday parties



For Kids

Celebrate with fun filled creation, paint your own pottery on your birthday with friends! Choose a birthday theme or just come and pick your preferred pieces of ceramics within a pre-selected price range.

Package include birthday decoration (balloons, Happy Birthday bunting, reusable plates/cups) piece of ceramics from a range, orange/apple juice. Bring your own cake. Session lasts for 2 hours. Open to special requests and needs!

Examples for party themes is needed: Fairies, puppies and kittens, sport, mermaids, forest, pirates, nature, art for children, favourite books,music and lot more. We are open to tailor the theme for your needs as well!

Price starts from 19 €/child,

For Adults

Celebrate with creation! Book a painting session with your friends/family, bring your own wine, bubbly and/or food. We are here to help you to make it even more unforgettable. Make an unforgettable piece of ceramics together with your friends and family on your birthday or gift the joy of creation for birthdays.

  • Min 6 people. Open to special requests.
  • Wish to have an exclusive Birthday Pottery Painting Party, contact us to discuss details.
  • You can purchase Birthday Vouchers to surprise your loved ones with the joy of creation at The Happy Pottery’s.

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Jackie TaraKate McGrath

We had a lovely afternoon painting pottery. the owner is very welcoming and helpful.

Katherine Kavanagh

reat time here with my daughter, Zsofi is a lovely talented lady who is so patient and helpful. I would highly recommend. cant wait to go back.