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Fancy a fun, creative time with friends, family or on your own? Then just come in, grab a piece of ceramics, chat and paint.




Walk-in Studio Times

We want to make sure that everyone has enough space and time to paint in a relaxed, pleasant and safe environment.

We don’t want to cause disappointment, so before you come, please call us or drop a note to make sure you will have a place when you arrive.
Please also check for updated opening times on our Facebook or Instagram pages

Walk-in Studio prices

Walk-in Studio prices range between 12.90 Eur/piece and 45.90 Eur/piece. Check our up-to-date stock and prices in store.

What is included in the price?

It is all inclusive of

  • one unpainted piece of ceramics/bisque you choose
  • the usage of all the tools, paint and
  • the glazing & firing your piece in our kiln
  • the time you spend in the shop and
  • assistance if you need any.

Of course if you need it we give you all the guidance and help to find ideas, techniques you would like to try.


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