Our Health & Safety guide

The Happy Pottery – Covid 19 Health and Safety Policy  valid from 1st of August, 2020

In order to make pottery painting sessions  safe and enjoyable for everyone we are working accordingly to our guidelines.  We keep all specifications in line with Government Guidelines in relation to:


  • We make sure that 2 meters social distancing is kept during your entire painting sessions with non-cohabiting participants.



  • We make sure to have time to clean/disinfect all tools between painting sessions.
  • We make sure you will have enough time to finish your pieces before the next guests arrive.



  • We only offer and organise type of activities that are safe to carry out within our guidelines.
  • During all our sessions you will be able to follow Covid 19. Government guidelines yourself as well.



  • We provide a safe environment for your pottery painting activities in the studio shop.
  • We also make sure that our “on-the-go” activities are carried out in a safe way following Covid 19. Government guidelines.
  • We also do the following to keep you and ourselves safe:


Cleaning and disinfecting

  • We do an effective cleaning and disinfecting which we hope to help reducing the spread of the virus. We disinfect after each session all frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, tools. All the studio shop is thoroughly cleaned daily. If disinfection of contaminated surfaces is needed, this will be done in addition to cleaning.
  • All visitors must disinfect their hands before touching any tools, surfaces in the studio. Disinfectant is provided by The Happy Pottery.
  • We prepare all visitors to keep guidelines when they arrive at the studio.
    In order to meet our requirements in relation to the matter of this policy we explain all studio guidelines all participants/visitors need to keep during their stay.


Special attention

If you or your visiting companion is/are over 70 or has (have) a special health issue please inform us when booking. We want to make sure that you will have a dedicated or more isolated Pottery Painting Session.

Always follow Government guidelines to keep our Health&Safety Policy relevant and up-to-date.

Please keep Government guidelines when participating in a social event, or visiting our studio shop. For up to date guidelines visit: