School creative sessions

Are you looking for a new creative challenge for your community and students? We are here to help you to develop a new and experimental creative activity for group of students. Pottery painting combines many aspects of creativity: freedom of colours, moves, tools and ideas provides an outstanding piece of art that the members of your community will be proud of.




Due to Government restrictions at the moment we are able to accommodate smaller group of students for painting sessions!!!

Choose your school pottery painting session

Examples of school sessions:

  • Junior infants/First Year students- welcome activity creating memories of starting a new school
  • Seasonal related activities: Christmas presents, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Wellbeing week,
  • 6th Class, Leaving cert Students: Creating memories together
  • Staff team building sessions
  • School tours: Yearly class tours or sessions designed to certain topics in curriculum upon request.


School pottery painting prices

Choose from:

  • Everyone paints a mug: 13 Eur/person in the studio/ 15.50 Eur/person on an outside location within 20 km radius of Kilkenny City.
  • Everyone paints an ornament (8-10 cm tall) : 11 Eur in the studio/14.50 Eur/person on an outside location within 20 km radius of Kilkenny City.
  • Minimum number of person painting is 15.
  • 1 session lasts between 1- 1,5 hours.


If you are located more than 20 km from Kilkenny City please contact us to discuss possible options for organising a Pottery Painting Session.

Due to Covid 19 Government Restrictions school sessions will be organised in later stages! Watch out for updates on our Facebook or Instagram pages


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